VMI - Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor or Supplier Managed Inventory is a business solution in which the supplier stays the commodities proprietor, respect inventory, and delivers conformed parts just in time through third party logistics service provider. 

Supplier Needs:
1. Improve the customer support & satisfaction
2. Optimize the production and Logistics flow through the support of specialized 3PL
2. Reduction of quality exposure due to the fact of delivering JIT batches
3. Omission of internal assets associated to the logistics operations
4. Focus on the core business
5. Improve the company benchmark

OEM Needs:
1. Optimize the logistics flow (warehouse, minimum stock, transit, delivery schedule).
2. Minimize quality issues due to Just In Time certified batch sizes.
3. Eliminate the risk of line blockage.
4. Increase the production capacity.
5. Improve the financial figures (cash flow, variable cost VS fixed cost).
6. Focus on the core business.

DLOG Capabilities:
On behalf of the manufacturer, DLOG optimizes the supply chain performance by committing to maintain the client inventory levels. DLOG VMI services aim to:
1. Handle the entire coordination & synchronization of the project between the supplier & OEM from a quality and logistics point of view, including customs support.
2. Commit to the service agreement level signed between the supplier & OEM.
3. Ensure on time delivery of a reliable forecast.
4. Decrease lead times in transportation.
5. Guarantee inventory availability for manufacturer.
6. Decrease inventory levels and investments.
7. Ensure compliance with manufacturer's specifications & quality standards.
8. Deliver a real custodianship with the supplier.
9. Deliver 100% controlled parts

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