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Dear Business Partners,
We, in DLOG, believe that doing business according to our code of ethics and compliance is the key to developing and taking the business to another level. We combined culture and integrity with clear rules and expectations.
Our partnerships with an extensive network of suppliers and business partners are acquired over time. Our choice is obviously based on quality, needs, performance, and costs but we want our partnerships with all our stakeholders to be lawful, ethical and mutually beneficial. Our values and commitment to the highest business standards are reflected in DLOG’s code of ethics that outlines the policies and ethical principles and laws to which DLOG adheres.
DLOG and its partners are commitment to innovation, quality, values, integrity, respect for human rights, safe workplaces, non-discrimination, environmental stewardship and ethical sourcing of materials are also key selection factors. It is mandatory for all our DLOG’s suppliers, providers, consultants, agents, intermediaries, joint venture partners and their personnel assigned to a DLOG project or working with and/supporting DLOG to operate in accordance with all laws, our policies and this code.
Reading and understanding this code will help improve the relationship between demand and offer. The document is meant to provide a solid foundation for making ethical decisions.
Antoine Allaire, General Director.

1. Business code

Our code of ethics in business is a set of guiding principles intended to ensure our business and our employees act with honesty and integrity in all facets of its day-to-day operations and to only engage in acts that promote a benefit to society. DECOMAR LOGISTIC’s code consists of: codes of business ethics, codes of conduct for employees, and codes of professional practice.

A. Codes of business ethics “Today successful businesses rely on quality value added services.”
Acting with integrity and in compliance with laws improves our performance and reflects on our character as a business—to our clients, our business partners and the public at large— and enables us to attract and retain top talent.

Our 3 enduring core values are:

  1. Key Pillar-Human
  2. Transparency
  3. Environment respect

These core values shape the culture and define the character of DECOMAR LOGISTIC.
They serve as a foundation in how we act and make decisions.

B. Codes of conduct for employees
We welcome and support people of all backgrounds and identities. This includes, but is not limited to members of any sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, social and economic class, educational level, color, immigration status, sex, age, size, family status, political belief, religion, and mental and physical ability according to the legislation in each country that we are present. Moreover, our company is against the exploitation of children and we have a firm written position about this matter.
As a company we do not tolerate nor encourage racial discrimination, gender discrimination, religion discrimination or sexual discrimination. From our point of view for the same position each individual must have the same salary, the same job conditions and the same treatment. We encourage diversity, we have over 10 different nationalities and we want to continue. Even if in the beginning it was hard, we did not give up and keep moving forward.

C. Codes of professional practice
Our employment practices are free from forced labor and workers are paid according to applicable wage laws, including minimum wage, overtime and mandated benefits and to be treated equally and fairly. Working hours, rest time and periodic leaves are respected, in line with local legislations or collective bargaining agreements, where applicable.

We believe in freedom of association and support the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining, in the countries where it is applicable. We expect our Business Partners to comply with all applicable legislations in that respect, to encourage dialog between employees and management and to respect collective bargaining agreements, if any.

We know that ethical business dealings ensure our success now and our sustainability long into the future. We believe that integrity and success are interlinked. This is why we strictly adhere to the policies and laws that promote fair competition in the marketplace and safeguard against anti-competitive practices and bribery and corruption: we have zero tolerance for non-compliance.

2. Occupational health and safety

DECOMAR LOGISTIC management represents a management model focused on the quality of the services provided. The system is based on the total involvement of each employee and aims for long-term success by meeting customer requirements and creating benefits for the organization and partners.
We consider that there are the following motor factors of quality:

  • quality is the most important goal of the organization;
  • customer orientation;
  • motivation of staff quality;
  • development of strategic partnerships;
  • developing the leadership capacity of all managers of organizational subdivisions;
  • internalization of the customer-supplier relationship;
  • systemic vision on the functioning of the organization;
  • establishing and monitoring the objectives and arguing with data the decisions.

The organization is committed through its management to ensure:

  • Making decisions in accordance with environmental protection requirements;
  • Prevention of pollution and damage to the environment;
  • Maintaining, improving the quality of the environment;
  • Creating its own monitoring system of environmental factors;
  • Making decisions in accordance with the requirements of occupational health and safety protection;
  • Prevention of accidents and occupational diseases;
  • Maintaining, improving occupational health and safety performance;
  • Creating its own monitoring system for the risks of accidents and occupational diseases.

The main strategic directions for environmental management that DECOMAR LOGISTIC aims at and is committed to achieving are:

  • Continuous prevention and reduction of pollution;
  • Operation in accordance with the legislation and other environmental regulations in force;
  • Implementation of an INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM at the level of the organization, which will create the necessary conditions for the continuous improvement of the environmental performances;
  • Efficient use of energy, water and fuel as a way of saving natural and financial resources;
  • Reducing the amount of waste resulting from the activity carried out;
  • Media coverage among all stakeholders of the positive results obtained in the field of environmental protection, in order to improve the image of the organization and relations with neighbors and local authorities.

The main strategic directions for occupational health and safety management that DECOMAR LOGISTIC aims at and is committed to achieving are:

  • Continuous prevention and reduction of the risks of occupational injury and illness;
  • Operation in accordance with the legislation and other regulations in force;
  • Implementation of an INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM at the level of the organization, which will create the necessary conditions for the continuous improvement of the occupational health and safety performances;
  • Informing all employees about the “Occupational health and safety policy and their involvement in achieving the proposed objectives;
  • Media coverage among employees and local communities of the positive results obtained in the field of occupational health and safety protection, in order to improve the image of the organization and relations with neighbors and local authorities.

The good functioning and efficiency of INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is analyzed annually by the management based on: evaluation of internal and external audit reports, non-compliance reports, improvement programs, possibly customer complaints and studies performed after monitoring customer satisfaction and organization staff, etc.
The quality, environment, health and occupational safety management system complies with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018 is applied in the entire activity carried out in the organization, and the provisions of INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM procedures are mandatory in the activity of all employees.

Heads of Departments / Site Managers will take steps to ensure that the policy is understood, implemented and maintained at the organizational level they lead.
The policy in the field of quality, environment, occupational health and safety and social responsibility is communicated to all employees and its level of understanding is assessed in internal audits and during training in the field of quality. Each employee has the obligation to be aware of the objectives of quality, environment, occupational health and safety and social responsibility, the requirements of the implemented INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and to permanently improve his activity. Each employee can make proposals for measures to improve the activity that he addresses to the manager of the organizational structure of which he is part, he analyzes the opportunity and efficiency of implementing those measures and, if necessary, undertakes the necessary improvement measures.
At the center of DECOMAR LOGISTIC's concerns is the interest in satisfying customers with quality services, performed in the context of the health of its employees, as well as the safety of the environment and compliance with the requirements of social responsibility.
The principles and strategic elements by virtue of which is formulated "Policy in the field of environmental quality of health and occupational safety" of our organization are based on the concept of sustainable development and meeting the needs and expectations of customers, aiming mainly:

  • taking decisions in accordance with the applicable legal provisions in force and with the contractual requirements regarding the quality of services and with the requirements of environmental protection and prevention of accidents and occupational diseases;
  • ensuring the necessary framework for analyzing the risks and opportunities specific to the quality, environment, health and occupational safety management system;

DECOMAR LOGISTIC's policy regarding the provision of services is fundamentally oriented towards:

  • Satisfying the needs and expectations of customers, especially towards contractual
  • requirements, performance, availability and price;
  • Satisfying the needs and expectations of clients, associates and local communities;
  • Protecting the environment and the rational use of natural resources;
  • Prevention of accidents and occupational diseases;
  • Continuous improvement of environmental performance in the field of occupational health and safety;
  • Compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

The management of DECOMAR LOGISTIC considers that the success of the organization depends on the understanding of the clients' needs, and on ensuring their satisfaction.

INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM covers all the activities of the organization and ensures the management of the organization the guarantee of control over the quality of the products made. INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM will be used, continuously improved and expanded in order to reduce process nonconformities and continuous improvement.

3. Corporate Social Responsibilities politics

Consistent with the principle of applying responsible management in carrying out its mission, SC DECOMAR LOGISTIC SRL is aware of the importance of the fact that sometimes a financial support for a noble cause or for an important purpose is vital and therefore through the programs and projects of social responsibility (CSR) initiated, it is actively involved in community life, demonstrating and thus the status of "good citizen."
The role that SC DECOMAR LOGISTIC SRL has in the field of the automotive industry in Romania and in Europe is naturally complemented by its desire to support the real needs of all those who contribute permanently to the smooth running of its activity. Part of its sustainable development strategy, the social responsibility policy aims to permanently increase the degree of responsibility of the company towards employees, shareholders, partners, community, environment and the efficiency of the impact of CSR programs initiated for this purpose.
The policy of SC DECOMAR LOGISTIC SRL regarding corporate social responsibility is based on a set of principles that define this interaction between the company on the one hand and employees, shareholders, partners, community and environment, on the other hand. SC DECOMAR LOGISTIC SRL is involved in the life of the community both through the actions of humanitarian financial aid granted and through the corporate social responsibility projects initiated starting with 2011.
The priority areas in which SC DECOMAR LOGISTIC SRL has been, is and will be involved from a social point of view are: humanitarian actions, health and environment.
SC DECOMAR LOGISTIC SRL aims to gradually adopt and integrate in its business model the best practices in CSR, so as to increase both the efficiency of the management act and the value of the company, by strengthening the degree of confidence of employees, shareholders, partners and the community in its economic and social potential.

Responsibility to employees
Accountability to our employees is a priority for us, as they are the essential resources for the success, growth and continuous development of the company.
We have built a culture through which to attract and retain the right people, creating the right environment for them to develop skills, develop new skills and support personal achievements.

Responsibility to customers
Responsibility to our customers is a fundamental constant in our organization.

Their satisfaction is one of the keys to the company's success.
We always strive to consistently guarantee the quality of the services provided, to diversify our activity and portfolio to meet the requirements and needs of our clients.
We treat all customers with respect and politeness, honestly and fairly.
Responsibility to partners and suppliers
Accountability to our partners and suppliers is absolutely mandatory.
They reflect our ethical standards, the integrity and honesty that govern our willingness to be responsible.
We treat our partners and suppliers with respect and dignity, and define ourselves as a customer-oriented company.
Responsibility towards the environment and society
Responsibility for the environment and society is essential.
We have a deep respect for nature and we fight to protect the environment.
We carry out our activity in an absolutely responsible way, our commitment to the environment and the community being the core of our company.
We dedicate our efforts to the promotion and development of the local community and support the realization of social and humanitarian projects. Through all the proposed objectives regarding corporate social responsibility, as well as through the actions taken, SC DECOMAR LOGISTIC SRL is ethically committed and contributes through the practice of transparent and responsible business to the sustainable development of the economy and social cohesion, while improving, both the quality of life of employees and their families and the local communities and society in which they operate.

4. Action plan 2021

I. Outside the company
1. For the environment –> planting tree in sub-forested plain areas, where forest curtains and improvement perimeters are needed to prevent soil erosion or desertification

  • planting the trees with the help of the one of the associations that we collaborate with
  • target: for each employee to plant a tree

2. For the community –> buying from the protected units instead of regular companies

II. Inside the company
1. Go green in the office

  • reduce the amount of paper used
  • reduce the amount of plastic waste

I. Outside the company:
for the environment

  • because we want to be sure that nature supports us on long term and we want help increase the forested area in Romania help to increase the forested area in Romania

for the community

  • we want to be involved in the life of the community, we want to give back and help the community in which we work and live

II. Inside the company
Go green in the office
We want to reduce the impact on the environment generated by our office activities, directly involving our employees. Help the environment through direct actions.

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