Quality Control

Quality of product, quality of service and quality of execution is essential for your business to thrive, maximize profits and meet your customers expectations and requirements.

- Inspection
- Firewall
- Controlled shipping: CS1 / CS2
- OTS (Operations Technique Specific)
- Task Force Quality intervention

Advanced Logistics

Agile, smart and consumer-centric logistics provider is essential for guarantee the customers chain of supply

- VMI - Vendor Managed Inventory
- Reverse Logistics
- Customs Clearance

Quality Engineering

Improve quality of OEM/Supplier in term of product/process , will assure constant capability and reliability

- Resident
- Supplier Development
- Process audit

Project Management

Professional partner, will guide your business to the right place, time and cost

- Project Consultation
- Smart labor services

Hotline Support

Operations Customer Support-Hotline
+40 21 9088
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