Acronym for Advanced Product Quality Planning. APQP serves as a guide in the development process and also a standard way to share results between suppliers and automotive companies. APQP focuses on quality planning & determining customer satisfaction by evaluation the output and making continuous improvements.

Cleanliness Inspection:
Cleanliness inspection is a quality control process followed  in order to determine the level of contamination on a critical area.

Acronym for Controlled Shipping Level 1 or 2. CSL1 stand for a quality control process requested by the manufacturer on specific shipments before being delivered to the final customer. CSL2 stand for a quality control process imposed by the final customer due to a repetitive quality issue and performed by a third party.

Derust is the a quality control process used for removing rust on metallic components.

Dimensional Measurement
Dimensional measurements is a quality control process used in order to validate the dimensions of a part and check if they comply with the tolerance intervals.


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